Disney-lapse: A time-lapse journey through Disneyland.

via Disney-lapse: A time-lapse journey through Disneyland. – YouTube

Over 30,000 still images, taken over the course of a year.


Annular Solar Eclipse

via Annular Solar Eclipse Pyramid Lake Nevada 2012 (Eric & Matt) on Vimeo

Directors Eric Wilson and Matt Moglia traveled to Pyramid Lake Nevada to shoot the annular solar eclipse. They then drove down to Mono Lake California to shoot the Milky Way Galaxy. The resulting shots are this video.
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Weathering Spring – Portland Time-Lapse

via Weathering Spring – Portland Time-Lapse on Vimeo

“Weathering Spring – Portland Time-Lapse” is an artistic documentation of the Portland spring using time-lapse photography. It is a culmination of nearly 3 months of work, over 64,000 photos making up 83 different time-lapse clips (about 45 of which made it into the final cut), 800 GB of hard drive space and one very exciting spring season in Portland. The video provides an epic visual roller coaster ride through the city’s stormiest days on into the night displaying glimmering city lights and intense traffic and back into the daylight with those beautiful sunny spring days that lead us into the long awaited pacific northwest summer.
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