Intro by Art Wolfe

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Learn about the career of photographer Art Wolfe from the man himself.


Purely Pacific Northwest

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Timelapse takes a lot of dedication and determination as is displayed by the work on John Eklund from

I am a photographer from Portland, Oregon. I want to share the beautiful NW region through my eyes with time-lapse photography. Continue reading

TIMElapsing TIMElapsers

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Filmed By Joe Capra, Matt Givot, Brian Hawkins, Michael Shainblum
A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to shoot with some of the tmelapsers that inspired me to start timelapsing. We met up in LA to shoot and have a good time. The view wasn’t bad, however what was more interesting was the mass confusion of cameras/tripods and the blinking red lights. Myself and a few others decided to capture a few scenes of everyone shooting and having a good time. I present to you this fun little montage called “TIMElapsing TIMElapsers”