Alberta Skies 2013 by Alan Dyer

By: Alan Dyer

It was a good year for time-lapse photography at home. Here’s my compilation of Alberta time-lapses in a 3-minute music video.

For a year-end look back at 2013 I assembled these highlights of my year of shooting time-lapse movies of the Alberta sky, by day and night.

I’ve included clips shot around home in rural southern Alberta, and further afield at popular photo spots around the province such as Waterton Lakes National Park, Banff, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, and Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to maximize the video screen and select HD.


Some technical background:

I shot all the frames for the movies (150 to 300 frames for each clip) with either a Canon 5D MkII or a Canon 60Da camera, equipped with various lenses from 8mm to 200mm. For many of the clips the cameras were on motion control devices: the Radian azimuth panning unit, an Orion TeleTrack mount, or a Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly unit. You see the latter in action behind the credits.

For image processing and movie assembly I used Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, LRTimeLapse, Sequence, Panolapse/RawBlend utility, and for some of the star trails either StarStax or Star Circle Academy’s Advanced Stacker Actions.

Timelapse Moab by Ron Risman

By: Ron Risman

What makes this timelapse film different is that it was captured mostly be timelapse newbies. The group had instruction over a 4-day period and was given access to motion control gear. This film is the result of their work.. 3000 images, 4 days & nights. A few clips of mine (instructor) are also included.

Just 3 spots left for the Spring 2014 workshop

Moab Utah is not only home to hundred’s of natural arches, it’s also home to incredibly dark skies – making it an ideal spot to capture footage of the night sky. In October 2013 a group of photographers got together for a workshop event called Timelapse Moab, where they learned how to capture timelapses and more importantly, timelapses of the night sky.

Footage included from:

Kristina Thiesen
Chong Pak
Dan Berube
Matt Stapleton
Tom Markiewicz
Ron Risman

Waterfalling in love with Iceland by GAntico

By: GAntico

A time-lapse short film celebrating the vivid beauty of some breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, captured in the never-ending light of a nordic summer, with uncommon conditions and a unique color crescendo. The azures of icebergs fade into the reds of martian terrains immersed in hot-springs fumes. Epic cloudscapes painted by midnight sun alternate majestic waterfalls decorated with rainbows. Godafoss seems to show its authentic spirit.

/// Backstage: /// Film page & all info: /// Facebook page:
/// Timelapse Showfest 2013 Bronze Winner /// Premiered in Madrid on a 300mq screen.

57.000 raw pictures were taken in a month, while fighting against the weather and driving alone for 5.600km (3500 miles). The original route and plan were messed up when a bridge disappeared because of a “jökulhlaup”. The post-production (in 4K) required many full months of intense work, not rarely frame by frame. The research of pure images demanded the removal of an infinite number of tourists, birds, cars and other fast moving or distracting elements.

❆ ❆ ❆

Time-lapse shooting, Editing & post: Giovanni Antico /
Music: Rise, by Tony Anderson / the music bed.
Calligraphic titles: Alga & Goran / Sunday Büro /

For having saved me: volunteers of icelandic rescue team.
For longstading collaboration: Adobe systems italia & Wacom Europe GmbH.
For technical support: Canon professional services / italy.
For guidance to iceland: Enrique Pacheco.

Camera: Canon EOS 7D + battery grip and many batteries. Tripod: Gitzo Mountaineer GT3531 + Ballhead GH3780
Lenses: Canon EF-S 10-22mm, Canon EF 20mm, Canon EF 17-40mm, Canon EF 50mm, Canon EF 70-200mm.
Filters: LightCraft Workshop Variable Neutral Density filter.

Software / Adobe Creative Cloud: Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro. Additional tools: LRTimelapse, GBDeflicker.
Hardware: Mac Pro, 32GB Ram, 1 SSD, 15TB raid HDD, two Dell 27″ monitors and a large Wacom tablet.

Utah by Mike Zorger

By: Mike Zorger

Between June and October 2013 I traveled to Utah 3 times. It was my first time in Utah and I tried to visit the amazing National Parks they have down south. I visited Arches National Park, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. 2 of the 3 times I went, It rained most of the time and the other was 15 degrees. I really wanted to get some milk way shots but that wasn’t happening. Overall, it was really cool to visit these places in person. I would love to go back when the weather is better but I know that’s hard to predict.


Canon 5d mk3
Canon 16-35 2.8L II
Canon 70-200 2.8L II

Kessler Stealth
elektraDRIVE 500 Series Motor Pod

Lightroom 4.0
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Premier Pro CS6

“Lost in Sleep” by Kattoo
Album- Hang on to a Dream

Licensing Details – Available in 4K

Impressions from Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia by Fabian Schmid

By: Fabian Schmid

This is a timelapse short, showing some of the highlights of my 7 week South America trip earlier this year. I was backpacking and could not bring too much gear, so all the footage was shot with 3 lenses

– Canon EOS 500D
– Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
– Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
– Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX 11-16mm f/2.8
– Joby Gorillapod Focus with Joby Ballhead X and Vanguard SBH-30

The post production was done in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2, LRTimelapse 2.2 and Adobe After Effects CS6.

The music was made by Kevin MacLeod (

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Nepal Vision Quest (INTO THE MIND behind the scenes) by Sherpas Cinema

By: Sherpas Cinema

…if you liked this, check out the award winning feature film: INTO THE MIND
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Into The Mind is a filmmaking exploration that has lead the Sherpas Cinema and Camp 4 Collective crews all over the globe. However the two companies first collaboration took place in Nepal, in the heart of the Himalayan mountain Range. In a rare opportunity filmmakers Dave Mossop, Renan Ozturk and athlete Rory Bushfield set out on a “Vision Quest” to capture the world’s most impressive mountain range, using the latest time lapse and film making technologies. Forced to travel on the tail end of on the monsoon season with rainy weather the team is forced to improvise. Renan introduces Dave and Bushy to a local Sherpa named ‘Karma Tsering’ a man that allows them to capture the internal world of Nepalese culture and shapes the main vision behind the film.


From the makers of the award winning film “All.I.Can”, comes the new feature film: INTO THE MIND. Blur the lines between dream state and reality, as you perceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind contemplates the experiences passed between mentors and peers to paint a philosophical portrait of human kind. What drives us to overcome challenge? How do we justify risk? What forces are at the core of a mountain addiction? Unique athlete segments over a multitude of mountain sport genres depict the connectivity of Earth, and window into never seen before moments. Explore how we begin our perception of self, construct the foundations of confidence, and are ultimately led up the path of self-actualization.

As Buddha once said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”
Into The Mind is about becoming.

Presented by The North Face and Kessler
Created by Camp 4 Collective and Sherpas Cinema –
Director/Editor: Renan Ozturk
Producer: Camp 4 Collective and Sherpas Cinema
Sound Design: Fred Paragano
Cast: Renan Ozturk, Rory Bushfield, Dave Mossop, Eric Crosland & Karma Tsering
Music: Jacob Yoffee

Additional music not in the feature film:

“Oni island”
“The Battle”
“The Voyage Home”
“A Hero’s Welcome”

Thanks for joining us//

Timelapse – Skyes In Motion by Paulo Ferreira

By: Paulo Ferreira

SKYES IN MOTION – Foi produzido em Portugal, especialmente na zona do norte e foram realizadas cerca de 10.000 fotos, obtidas com uma Canon 60D e uma Canon 5D Mark III. Um agradecimento especial à Dynamic Perception pelo seu equipamento “Stage One”. Dão-me muito apoio sempre que surgem problemas apesar de estarem do outro lado do Atlântico. Pretendo com este timelapse mostrar alguns ambientes e cores que retratam um país incrível, como é Portugal. Visitem Portugal. É um grande país!
SKYES IN MOTION – Was produced in Portugal, specially in the north area and about 10.000 photos were taken with one Canon 60D and one Canon 5D Mark III. Special thanks to Dynamic Perception and their equipment “Stage One”. They give to me a lot of professional support, despite being on the other side of the Atlantic. I intend with this timelapse showing some environments and colors that brings one amazing coutry, like Portugal. Visit Portugal. It´s a great country!

The 2013 Geminids Meteor Shower over Joshua Tree by Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia

By: Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia

Please watch full screen in HD to see dozens of meteors zip across the sky! Turn up the volume to enjoy Justin Durban’s beautiful soundtrack!

The annual Geminids meteor shower is nature’s natural fireworks show. This year’s shower is unique because it took place close to a full moon. While the bright moon washed out some of the weaker meteors, it also lit up the landscape and casted beautiful moving shadows. Perfect conditions for timelapse filmmaking!

In this film you’ll see dozens of meteors against a foreground of joshua trees, rock formations, and the winter night sky. There’s also lightning, sunrises, sunsets and some beautifully shot day to night and night to day timelapse sequences.

This film was shot completely in 5K raw. It was made by a small talented crew of timelapse newbies over a 5 day timelapse workshop I taught in Joshua Tree. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

All shots are available for licensing.

About the workshop:
Taught by timelapse filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, participants learned how to shoot everything from static to motion-controlled, day to night, and astro timelapses. The 5 day workshop also covered how to process raw 5K images into Ultra HD resolution 4K videos.

Special thanks to Eric Kessler and the crew at Kessler Crane for supplying the motion control devices for our participants. Shot with Kessler Pocket Dolly, Cineslider, Shuttle Pod Mini, Shuttle Pod, 3 axis Cinedrive, and Oracle controllers.

We would also like to welcome and thank our new sponsor, LRTimelapse. Gunther generously provided the software we used to help process our timelapse sequences.

For more info about our workshops:

For more behind the scenes:

Music : Human Nature by Justin R. Durban

Workshop sponsored by Kessler Crane and LRTimelapse

Suddenly I Feel Light by Jeff Morris

By: Jeff Morris

“Suddenly I Feel Light”

A time lapse film by Jeff Morris.

Filmed throughout San Diego County during the summer months of 2013. This film contains over 20,000 photographs featuring beautiful night time shots of the Milky Way, La Jolla harbor seals and wild life, 2013 Red Tide, downtown San Diego and various meteor showers.

For Licensing and Bookings, please contact me at


Music used with permission by Tiny Telephones

Download “Suddenly I Feel Light” by Tiny Telephones for Free here:

Motion controlled equipment by:
Dynamic Perception:

NightFall by Colin Rich

By: Colin Rich

More videos and licensing/shooting information can be seen at

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Music: M83, “Echoes of Mine” off of ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.’ Available from Mute Records, EMI Music
Download the song/album here here:

Cinematography, Direction, and Editing by: Colin Rich:

A big thanks to Matthews MSE ( especially to Bob Kulesh, Tyler & Ed Phillips for their generous support and patience of this lengthy endeavor. Most of the linear motion control shots were captured using their FloatCam DC Slider, a wonderful piece of engineering for the time lapse world.

‘Nightfall’ is a three minute tour of light through the City of Angels.

I shot “Nightfall” in an attempt to capture Los Angeles as it transitioned from day to night. As you probably know, LA is an expansive city so shooting it from many different angles was critical. Usually I was able to capture just one shot per day with a lot of driving, exploring, and scouting in between but the times sitting in traffic or a “sketchy” neighborhood often lead to new adventures and interesting places.

Nightfall in particular is my favorite time to shoot time lapse. Capturing the transition from day to night while looking back at the city as the purple shadow of Earth envelopes the eastern skyline and the warm distant twinkling halogen lights spark to life and give the fading sun a run for her money- this will never grow old or boring to me.

In this piece, it was important to me for the shots to both capture and accentuate the movement of light through the day and night and the use of multiple motion control techniques allowed me to do so.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

An English translation of the lyrics-

“It is late. I am looking for my other home, taking an unfamiliar path: a small trail near the factories and the city, cutting through the forest. I can barely see nature when suddenly, night falls. I am engulfed by a world of silence, yet I am not afraid. I fall asleep for a few minutes at the most, and when I wake up, the sun is there and the forest is shining with a bright light.

I recognize this forest. It is not an ordinary forest, it is a forest of memories. My memories. The white and noisy river, my adolescence. The tall trees, the men I have loved. The birds in flight, and in the distance, my lost father.

My memories aren’t memories anymore. They are there, with me, dancing and embracing, singing and smiling at me.

I look at my hands. I caress my face, and I am 20 years old. And I love like I have never loved before.”