DONDE tenerife 2013 by Andreas Hirsch

By: Andreas Hirsch

We shot these timelapses on the sweet island of Tenerife, one of the canary islands in November 2013.
As Cameras we used several Canon EOS 5D mark III Bodies and Canon Glass.
This is no Commercial work, just 3 photographers spending one week of their holidays having fun and try to learn more and more about shooting timelapses.

7 days of intensive shooting on location
nearly 20 days in postproduction
50.000 RAW images
1 TB RAW image data
photographs by: Christoph Nadler, Sven Bartz, Andreas Hirsch

Ramin Djawadi / Game of Thrones Soundtrack / Season 1+2

We are really looking forward shooting our next project so stay tuned.
for those who are interested in our work

have fun! we did 🙂

Boneyard by Andrew Arthur Breese

By: Andrew Arthur Breese

Commonly referred to as the “Boneyard,” the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., contains about 5,000 retired military aircraft throughout 2,600 acres. Crews at the Boneyard preserve aircraft for possible future use, pull aircraft parts to supply to the field, and perform depot-level maintenance and aircraft regeneration in support of Air Force operations. (U.S. Air Force video/Andrew Arthur Breese)

Music by Anthony Phillips, Licensed through Killer tracks.

Yosemite HD by Project Yosemite

By: Project Yosemite

This video is a collaboration between Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. All timelapses were shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with a variety of Canon L and Zeiss CP.2 Lenses.

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Thanks to Dynamic Perception for their motion controlled dolly and continued support! Purchase gear used in this video here:

Dynamic Perception Website:

Track: Outro
Album: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Artist: M83

This whole project has been an amazing experience. The two of us became friends through Vimeo and explored a shared interest in timelapsing Yosemite National Park over an extended period of time. We’d like to expand this idea to other locations and would appreciate any suggestions for a future project.

Project Yosemite was featured as a main story on Yosemite National Park’s Spring Newsletter.:

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Behind The Scenes:
By Dalton Runberg

Our hearts go out to the families of Markus Praxmarer who lost his life while climbing Half Dome on September 19th, 2011 and Ranger Ryan Hiller, who was crushed by a tree January 22nd 2012. They will be missed. (A photo of Ranger Ryan Hiller can be found to the right, above the statistics counter)

Northern Lights – Feb 19 & 20, 2014 by Richard Gottardo

By: Richard Gottardo

A strong solar wind coupled with a few surprise CME impacts help spark some beautiful Aurora across much of Canada and the Northern US. The video is made up of around 3500 photos shot overnight on Feb 19 and 20, 2014 in Kananaskis, Canmore, and Banff Alberta.

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Not to be used without permission, Video is available for licensing, contact:

Music: Zach Hemsey – Redemption

Jerry Ghionis – “Your Perfect Day” by Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer Media

By: Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer Media

“What’s your perfect day?” That is the question that world-renown and multi-award-winning wedding and portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis wants to know. It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves. In an industry where photographers spend hours upon hours documenting the lives of other families, they often miss out on their own. Answering the question, “What’s your perfect day?” could mean the difference between a life of profound joy and fulfillment…or one of sadness, loneliness and regret.

Filmed at WPPI 2013.

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