Sala Agua Expo 2008

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Together with Tamschick Media+Space GmbH m box realised an interactive walk-in environment in the Spanish energy company Acciona’s pavilion at the Expo 2008 / Saragossa / Spain.

The visitor found himself in an artificial world, which he could influence and alter. He senses the immediate reaction and transformation of his artificial surroundings according to his actions. The interactive space is composed by three projections that cover a wall surface of 108 square meters and 10 projections that cover a floor surface of 300 square meters.

Construction time lapse: 30-story building built in 15 days

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What can you accomplish in 360 hours?

The Chinese sustainable building company, Broad Group, has yet attempted another impossible feat, building a 30-story tall hotel prototype in 360 hours, after building a 15-story building in a week earlier in 2011.

Speeding Around The World

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17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey. Follow the adventure at and

After I quit my job last year, I packed a bag, grabbed my camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 17 countries later, I compiled this time lapse of the many amazing places I came across.