The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

via The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – Behind The Scenes – YouTube

See the making of Ralph Lauren 4D, a groundbreaking fusion of fashion, art & technology. See what went on in the background to make this incredible, 3-dimensional event come to life – from storyboards to video sets to digital mapping and high tech computer renderings – see it all revealed.

Behind the Scenes

New York


URBAN FLIPPER – Fête des Lumiere 2011 – place des Célestins

via URBAN FLIPPER – Fête des Lumiere 2011 – place des Célestins – YouTube

“Une performance de flipper géant en mapping 3D sur la façade du théâtre des Célestins à Lyon, à loccasion de la Fête des Lumière 2011. Une performance réalisée par le collectif CT Light Concept”

“Performance of mapping giant pinball 3D on the front of the theater Célestins in Lyon, on the occasion of the Festival of Light 2011. Performance achieved by the collective CT Light Concept”

Reflect: Miami Art Project

Reflect: Miami Art Project

“Large Lexan panels adorn the columns of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center lobby, which track and abstractly respond to the flow of people over the course of a day.  Each panel records the interactions, and plays them back as memories – creating an environment where everyone’s use of the space adds to the collective memory of the piece.”

Reflect Miami Art Project

What inspires me

15 Amazing Time-lapse Videos

One of the Time-Lapse Videos from the above list.
Midnight Sun | Iceland on Vimeo

Another Time-Lapse video that captures an amazing display of nature.
Lightning Storm Timelapse Video Jupiter Beach Florida – Blog –

After reading Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book I have been thinking about changing business models and whether businesses will need to change to fit into this new model. Here is a link to an article discussing whether architecture is still an industry to get into.
Is it too late to get out of Architecture?, by Life of an Architect.

Vectorial Elevation

“Vectorial Elevation was an interactive artwork that allowed participants to transform the sky over Vancouver, Canada. Using a three-dimensional interface, this web site let you design huge light sculptures by directing 20 robotic searchlights located around English Bay. A web page was made for each participant with photos of their design from four cameras located around the city.

The project was live from February 4 to 28, 2010 and in that time received 887,988 page views from 162 countries, with 57% of the traffic from Canada. This report contains statistics, selected comments, and public designs.”

via Vectorial Elevation.